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Team-Driven Shared Leadership

Team-Driven Shared Leadership

Summer 2022: MTSS Resources shared with Implementation Teams during training events

This MTSS Component Definition is:

Teaming processes and structures that focus on distributing responsibility and shared decision-making across and within regions, districts, and schools to effectively design and use systems of training, coaching, resources, implementation, and evaluation. (CDE, 2021)


Presenter is standing next to a projector that reads Purpose. Several adults are sitting in rows facing her.


Examples of ways to develop and monitor effective teaming is with: Team profiles (with representative membership), Agreements/Norms displays, Roles/responsibilities charts, Meeting Agenda/Minutes templates, Shared digital spaces, Work Group Expectations, Project management protocols, Application of Problem Solving, Meeting Evaluation tools, etc.  

The focus in this component is on good relationships and good routines that can yield good results.

A healthy team "works on the work" while it works on the team dynamics and performance. When establishing a team, it is important to create common language, craft norms or common agreements, and to define roles and responsibilities. The team should also demonstrate clarity of purpose and a strong commitment to continuous improvement. Effective teams represent the varied voices in the organization. Because MTSS is about the effective convening of adults in support of improving student outcomes, distributive leadership and strong collaboration are critical to implementing MTSS. Teaming structures should exist across the system, and teaming practices should be utilized.

The "Effective Teaming" attributes apply to each educational stakeholder group: administrators, staff, families, students, and community partners. Although the defined purpose of teams may differ, the behaviors and skills expected of "real teams" are not that different.


Screenshot that reads: What we need is FLOW: Facilitate Change, Learn Together, Operate Efficiently, & Work toward Progress.


To learn more, visit the Functions of a Leadership Team page.


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