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Conditions for Learning

Thompson School District believes in fostering a welcoming environment, a feeling of hope, a sense of belonging, and a safe environment where all students, families, staff and community members feel supported and comfortable in their growth. Conditions for Learning is the foundation for an effective learning cycle, as well as a critical part of continuous reassessment and adjustment throughout that cycle. All components of Conditions for Learning are applicable to a different learning environments and are critical to achieve success for each student. Additionally, they can help to reduce challenges associated with various learning settings and experiences.  

Creating effective Conditions for Learning helps ensure students, families, and staff experience equitable access and inclusive learning conditions that contribute to student success, with a focus on the following components. Note that the hyperlinks in this list are for internal TSD staff; employees will need to be logged in to access these files:

As we prepare Conditions for Learning, we can reflect upon these questions, for both an in-person setting and for remote learning:

  1. Is my classroom or school a place where students want to be? Each and every student?
  2. Are my lessons or learning experiences engaging for each student?
  3. How am I supporting the whole child?
  4. How am I supporting the whole family, helping them overcome barriers to student participation?
  5. Does each student see school as their way to a better future?

Social Emotional, Wellness, and Mental Health Supports

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