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Student Success

Student Success

Jennifer Guthals

Dr. Jennifer Guthals 
Director - Student Success

The Student Success Department promotes student achievement through educational programs and services that support social-emotional, behavioral, physical, and mental health. This includes a wide variety of programs such as counseling and guidance, prevention programs, and wellness. Student Success collaborates with schools on Positive School Climate and Culture efforts including reducing exclusionary discipline, truancy prevention, substance abuse prevention education, suicide prevention education, and bullying prevention education, as well as supporting district-wide restorative practices, trauma-informed practices, Social Emotional Learning, and PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports). The team collaborates with school staff, the Safety and Security Team, the Curriculum and Learning Team, the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Team, the Assessment Team, and the Directors of Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Secondary Education to ensure our schools are welcoming, inclusive, supportive, and safe. For more information, call Student Support Services at 970-613-5026 or Brandi Hamilton at 970-613-5093.

What is SEL in TSD?

During the 2019-2020 school year, the Social Emotional Learning Partnership (SELP) Team created the following statement to define Social and Emotional Learning in TSD:

 Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an intentional integrated learning process that develops resilient, resourceful, self-aware, and socially responsible community members.  

 Systemic and systematic SEL instruction in TSD promotes equity, inclusivity, safety, a sense of belonging, and achievement for all members of our school community. 

 Through SEL, our students, staff, and community learns, practices, and effectively applies the knowledge and skills to:

--understand and manage emotions,

--communicate and self-advocate,

--set and achieve positive goals,

--establish and maintain healthy relationships and overall wellness,

--think critically and make responsible decisions,


--develop and demonstrate empathy, appreciation, and respect for self and others.