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K-8 Behavior Support Team

The goal of the K-8 Behavior Support Team is to provide support for both students and staff in developing and implementing social and emotional learning and skills to ensure student success. We focus on the whole child and commit to using culturally relevant pedagogy. When working with students, we use a whole child approach, helping to provide SEL skill-building strategies and interventions that can be integrated into all areas of the learning environment. As we support skill growth for students, we also provide support for your team in the implementation of these interventions to ensure student success.

The K-8 BST will provide Tier II interventions and staff support through short term services that allow students to remain in the general education setting while receiving support from the team. Interventions may include specialized small group, co-teaching, focused/skill-based SEL lessons, one-on-one support, mental health services, and connecting families with community resources. With the services being provided online, our team will be working with school staff to coordinate interventions/support that align with the student and staff schedules.

We are committed to ongoing communication with administration, teachers, students and families to ensure that the interventions we provide meet the needs of each student.

What does online support look like? (Employee login required)