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SEL Team Specialists

TSD SEL Team Specialists


 Who We Are: 

  • The district Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Team Specialists are part of the Learning Services Department - Student Success Team.

Our Mission:

  • Grow capacity in each school to meet the social, emotional, mental, and behavioral health needs of students by providing systems & teams collaboration, consultation, training, coaching, and support for school staff. 

Contact Your SEL Team:

  • Email Jen Chadwick-Conway for more information.

Type of Support




  • Partner with the building level teams to determine current capacity of Tier 1 (universal) SEL, determine next steps and develop a comprehensive plan.
  • Look at PBIS, behavior trends, student needs and plan for SEL initiatives and interventions.




*Instruction Tools 

 and Resources 

  • Meet with teachers to identify Tier 1 (universal) SEL strategies to use in the classroom.
  • Provide gradual release instruction for leading connection sessions.
  • Provide gradual release instruction for leading SEL competency-focused small groups. 
  • Observe classrooms and/or interactions to provide SEL guidance.
  • Model lessons and strategies.
  • Develop tools and resources for regulation, inclusion, de-escalation and mindfulness.
  • Crosswalk PBIS tenets with SEL competencies.
  • Assist building leadership in writing SUIP goals around SEL.


*SEL Content

*SEL Implementation

*SEL Integration

  • Help with implementation of vetted curricula such as In Focus, Second Step, Zones of Regulation and Sources of Strength.
  • Identify SEL competencies embedded in all content areas.
  • Help teachers plan lessons to include SEL in instruction.
  • Work with P.E. and Health teachers, and others, to implement new SEL standards.
  • Utilize and refer to student plans such as ICAP, 504, BIP, FBA, ALP.


*Prof. Dev.

  • Provide information and implementation ideas around core SEL competencies.
  • Provide information and implementation ideas around connection sessions/SEL Lessons. 
  • Help connect SEL and classroom management/instruction. 
  • Provide guidance to staff on SEL integration into content.
  • Deliver professional development on equity, diversity, trauma-informed practices,etc.


* Culture & 


  • Determine needs for family engagement.
  • Establish framework for family connections.
  • Connect families to community resources.


*Liaison Support

  • Network with other specialists and district leaders to strengthen Tier 1 (universal)  work around culture and positive community, diversity, behavior, equity, self-care, trauma informed practices, etc.
  • Assist schools with identification, referrals and finding support for Tier 2 and 3 needs.