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TSD Student Wellness Site (helpful links and information to support student health)

Additional Well-Being Resources for Students


Resources to Support Adult Physical Activity

7 minute workout- you have 7 minutes right?

All Trails

Fitness Blender: Free workout videos for every fitness level.

Orange Theory Fitness: OrangeTheory fitness is posting workout videos on youtube everyday for free. 

Joseph Corella 567broadway: A variety of broadway dances that are a great cardio workout (offered free through youtube).  

Corpão Fitness: These workouts are offered free on youtube (5-30 minutes).  

A Healthy Fit: A large variety of workouts on youtube (20-40 min) that use no or little equipement.

Popsugar fitness: A variety of workouts posted on youtube (15-30 minutes). 

Additional Well-Being Resources for Adults

Monthly CALM calendars: July 2022, August 2022, September 2022

Free Guided Meditations (Ten Percent Happier)

Mindfulness Toolkit from

The Resilience Summit free online series (Rick Hanson)