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Homebound Instruction

The purpose of homebound instruction is to maintain continuity in the educational process for those students who, because of an extended illness, medical or mental health condition, cannot attend school for a period greater than three weeks. Homebound instruction shall not be used in lieu of the student’s normal educational placement. For students who are eligible to receive special education services and who may require homebound services, an IEP Team will determine whether homebound instruction is appropriate.

The district may provide instruction, as appropriate, for students confined to home or hospitalized upon the request of parents and with verification of need by a health care provider. A health care provider is defined as an M.D., D.O., Nurse Practitioner, P.A., Dentist, or Psychiatrist.

In each instance the health care provider must certify that the student will be unable to attend school either full or part time. The health care provider shall also be asked to give an estimate of the probable length of the student’s need for homebound education.

There shall be an adult over the age of twenty-one in the home during the entire period of homebound instruction.

For students with IEPs, the student will receive such services as permit him/her to make progress in the general education curriculum and on his/her IEP goals.

Homebound instruction, although correlated with what the student is missing in the classroom, shall focus on the student’s needs and what the student is capable of doing during the period away from school. Textbooks and supporting materials shall be provided by the appropriate school. The student is responsible for returning all instructional materials and textbooks to the homebound teacher at the conclusion of services.

The director of student support services shall publish guidelines, determine how many hours of weekly instruction a student shall receive, and administer the assignment of these services. Once it has been determined that a student requires homebound instruction, the type and frequency of such instruction will be at the discretion of the director of student support services or designee.

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