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Athletics and Activities

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Kevin Clark

Director of Athletics and Activities
(970) 613-5030

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The Thompson School District offers a comprehensive list of athletic and activity programs for the students in our middle and high schools. The experience of participating in athletics and activities is an excellent opportunity for all students who attend school in the Thompson School District.

It is a privilege to represent our schools and community by participating in athletic and activity programs. Participation in sound athletics and activities programs contributes to good sportsmanship, citizenship, character, physical and mental development, coordination and a wholesome interest in competition and performance.

The Thompson School District schools are well aware of the importance of the athletics and activities programs, but recognize it should never overshadow the emphasis placed on classroom work. Schools maximize student-teacher classroom contact by minimizing the loss of school time involved in extracurricular activities.

The district office for athletics and activities acts as a central location for all athletic and activity programs. We allocate the extra duty contracts in a fair and equitable manner for all our schools, staying within the budgeted resources for those contracts.

We monitor the budgets, ensuring our schools and programs spend within established guidelines. We coordinate athletic and activity schedules, communicate with the City of Loveland regarding shared facilities, and resolve any usage conflicts that occur.

We provide all necessary forms needed for participation in our programs and follow the Thompson School District Standards for Communication handbook to resolve any problems which might occur.