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Security Team

Vision Statement

Prepare. Provide. Protect.

Campus Monitors

The Board of Education recognizes that effective learning and teaching takes place in a safe, secure, and welcoming environment. Safe Schools are a priority in the mission of the Thompson School District and contribute to improved attendance, increased student achievement, and community support.

The Thompson School District utilizes a wide variety of tools and resources in the priority mission to keep our students and staff physically and emotionally safe. One of these resources are Campus Monitors.

Campus Monitors receive approximately 40 hours of training encompassing Incident Command, Life Saving Measures, situational awareness, and many other topics regarding safety and security.

Campus Monitor Car

Their focus is on building relationships with students and functioning with the community of the school environment.

The focus is demonstrated in their mission as they are directed to function within the triad of coaching, mentoring, and enforcement. Campus Monitor are proud to support keeping our district safe. Please feel free to speak with them at any time!

District Patrol

Photo of Thompson School District security team.

We understand students learn best when they can attend classes in a secure and welcoming environment.

Our safety and security team works collaboratively with TSD staff and local law enforcement to provide a safe learning environment for students in every classroom, every day. It takes us working together to make a safe learning environment.

Every high school and middle school has one campus monitor and SRO at their school. This year, a patrol unit was developed with priority given to elementary schools and pre-k. The patrol unit works from 5:30 am until 10:00 pm to cover events before and after regular school hours.

Patrol Car

Some of the events that patrol has handled on our school campuses include loose dogs, wild animals and damage to school property, assisting law enforcement and emergency services when needed, assisting with unruly or violent students, suspicious people in and around the area of the school, dangerous items, and weapons found on school property, and propped or open doors.

Narcotic and alcohol violations, suspicious vehicles in and around the schools, abandoned vehicles left in school parking lots, fire evacuations, reunification of students, assisting transportation during the local fires and floods, issues at bus stops and on buses, lost kids, searches of students and their property, and traffic control. We assist at high school games and major events held at our schools.

Safety and Security are also there to educate and build relationships with students. Explaining consequences and safety to correct patterns of behavior. Don’t be surprised if you see Safety and Security personnel drop into a school and have lunch, visit with the students at recess or come to watch events at the school.