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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Registration and Enrollment?

A: Students register to get into the District and enroll at a school.

Q: What if Course Information comes before I know if my 5th or 8th grader's CE is accepted?

A: All fifth and eighth grade students advancing to the next-level school will be automatically enrolled at their attendance boundary school regardless of current school status. All students should proceed as though they will attend their boundary school until Choice Enrollment notifications are finalized. This includes meeting with their attendance boundary school representatives and registering for classes at their attendance boundary school. After choice enrollment decisions are finalized, students who have been offered and have accepted a seat to a school outside of their attendance boundary will have their enrollments and course requests transferred from their attendance boundary schools to the requested school.


Q: Do I need to Choice Enroll to my neighborhood school?

A: No, students enroll at their neighborhood school without applying for Choice. Choice Enrollment applications are only necessary if you want your student to attend a school other than your neighborhood school, or if you reside outside of TSD boundaries.

Q: What if my child is not offered a seat at any of their Choice schools?

A: Your student will need to complete enrollment and attend their neighborhood school.


Q: Should I register my incoming Kindergartner at our neighborhood school or wait to see if they get into their Choice school?

A: Register your new students at their neighborhood school to guarantee a seat. Registration for the 2022-23 school year opens on November 29, 2021. IF the student is offered and you have accepted the seat, the registrars will update enrollment.




Q: How do I reach someone at my neighborhood school and get Start and Release times?

A: Start and Release Times (coming soon)

Q: Would you like to attend a school other than your zoned school?

A: Each student is assigned to a neighborhood school within the boundaries set forth by the district based on their residential address. Choice Enrollment is the option to apply to attend a school, other than the Attendance Boundary School, through a location change or for a specific program. Attendance to another school is contingent upon the student enrollment capacity of the requested school.

Q: Is there a list of TSD schools?

A: Directory of Schools

Q: How can I apply?

A: Complete the Choice Enrollment application during the specified timelines.

Q: What is a zoned school of attendance?

A: An Attendance Boundary School is the school your student would attend based on your current home address. School Locator

Q: Can I apply for my Preschool Student?

A: No, the application process is open for students entering Kindergarten through 12th grade only.

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: All applicants must be a Colorado resident at the time of application and for students entering Kindergarten through 12th grade.


Q: Who is not eligible to apply?

A: Preschool students and students placed in a school by the IEP team, or through an Administrative Placement, are not eligible for this process.


Q: Is there a timeline to apply?

A: Yes, view the Timelines on the Choice Enrollment website

Q: Can I apply to more than one school?

A: Yes, you can apply to more than one school.

Q: Do I have to do an application every year?

A: Only if you wish to change schools.

Q: What if I move during the school year or move during the summer to another Attendance Boundary, am I permitted to stay at my current school?

A: Yes, but you are required to notify the administrator at your school of your new address.

Q: What is a Choice Enrollment Account and why do I have to create one?

A: A Choice Enrollment account is the first step in applying for a change in an Attendance Boundary School. You will be required to submit household, parent/guardian, and student information.

Q: I created a Choice Enrollment Account, now what?

A: You now have a “Family Dashboard.” Your next step is to submit a Choice Enrollment during the District’s Choice Enrollment timeline.

Q: What is the Family Dashboard?

A: The Family Dashboard is the “hub” of the application process. This is where you can submit, view and check the status of your applications. The Family Dashboard is also where you will accept or decline any seat offerings with an electronic signature. To access your Family Dashboard, log in using your email address and password.

Q: How will I know my application was received or accepted?

A: You can check your application online via the Family Dashboard. Additionally, our vendor, Scribbles Software, will send an automated email. If you do not receive an email, check your junk/spam folder. It is important that your email address remain active during the entire Choice Enrollment process.

Q: Why do I need to accept or decline my seat?

A: This process, for new applicants, confirms your intent to register at the school or allows the school to offer the seat to another applicant.

Q: What does it mean when my students’ application is waitlisted?

A: After the lottery, applicants that are not offered a seat will be waitlisted. The position number indicates how many applications are ahead of your student’s application waiting for an available seat. Schools can continue to offer seats from the waitlist throughout the school year.

Q: I applied to more than one school. I have been offered a seat at one of the schools but am still waitlisted at the other school. If I accept the seat at my second choice school, will it cancel my waitlist position at my first choice school?

A: No, accepting a seat at one school does not cancel any waitlist positions at another school. The waitlist position remains active until either the first choice school offers you a seat or the Choice Enrollment application cycle ends for the school year. Note: Parents cannot commit to more than one seat at one school per child in the Choice Enrollment process. If your first choice school does offer you a seat, and you accept it, it will automatically cancel your seat at your second choice school.

Q: If my student does not get in, will they keep their place on the waiting list for the following school year?

A: No. If parents wish to have their student attend the school the following school year, a new application must be submitted.

Q: Does it matter when I apply?

A: Yes, to receive a priority, the application must be received during the Choice Enrollment period. The process is a lottery, not a “first come, first served,” so you do not need to be first to apply. A family that applies on the first day has no advantage over a family that applies on the last day just because they applied earlier. However, Choice applications received after the deadline will be processed in date and time order they are received without any priority.

Q: How do I know my application was received?

A: An email confirmation will be sent to the email address on your student’s application immediately after submission. If you do not receive an email, you will need to submit it again.  

Q: Do I need a computer to apply?

A: No, you can now access the Choice Enrollment application on your smartphone, tablet or similar device.

Q: Can I use my child’s grandparents’ or other relative’s address on the application?

A: No, you may not use a relative’s address. You must use your child’s resident address, which is defined as where the child sleeps on school nights.

Q: My ex-spouse and I share custody of our child. Can we list both addresses to apply for School Choice?

A: No, only one address may be used; your child’s neighborhood school will be based on the address listed in Infinite Campus or for new students, the application address. We encourage parents to work together when creating a Choice Enrollment application. Disputes between parents about the submitted application will cause the application to be removed from the lottery process.

Q: How are students selected for Choice enrollment at a school?

A: Students are selected through an unbiased, random computerized lottery system, utilizing a priority structure. Enrollment is based on space available at each grade level. The priorities are identified in the Choice Enrollment application.

Q: How is available space at the school determined?

A: Our district’s instructional Facilities Planning Department determines capacity for nonresident students at each school by grade level, using past enrollment data, information regarding community growth or development, and facility capacity. This is reviewed by the principal and school staff.

Q: I need to enroll my child in the after-school program but can’t until I hear whether she is accepted at one of our Choice Enrolled schools. I’m afraid there won’t be any openings for her if I wait too long. What should I do?

A: Your child is always guaranteed a seat at the school of residence. You can contact your neighborhood school to begin the enrollment process and apply for the before and after-school care while you are waiting to see if you are accepted into any of your Choice schools.

Q: I applied last year and enrolled my child into one of the Choice schools. Do I need to apply again?

A: Once enrolled in your school of choice, you do not need to apply again, your student can remain until the highest grade the school services. You will need to complete a new Choice Enrollment application for the feeder school. You will need to complete a new Choice Enrollment if you move outside of the school district.

Q: I applied last year and my child was on a wait list. Do I need to apply again?

A: Yes, the waitlists are not carried over from the previous year.

Q: I am applying for all of my children to attend the same school. Can I put all of the children on one application?

A: No, you must submit separate applications for each child, unless they are twins or triplets. Multiples are submitted on one application.

Q: Do I have a better chance of being selected for my first-choice school if I only make one school choice instead of three?

A: No, the number of school requests is not a factor in the selection process. However, having more than one option can provide more opportunity to your student. You may be offered a second or third choice. If this occurs, your student remains on the waiting list for any higher Choices.

Q: Is there a way to find out what the chances are of being selected for my first choice School?

A: No, the number of applications and available seats changes yearly.

Q: If I apply to charter schools will it impact my selections?

A: No, charter school applications are separate and kept at the charter school.

Q: My child was not accepted in any of the Choice schools applied for. What can I do?

A: The Choice Enrollment wait lists are active through the end of the school year. As school sites reach out to confirm acceptance of offered seats, there may be some declines. Any student who declines a seat will be replaced by a student on the waiting list. Additionally, your child is guaranteed enrollment in the neighborhood school.

Q: I did not know about the Choice Enrollment Round One application deadline. Can I still apply for Choice Enrollment?

A: Yes, Round Two opens in February and closes the last school day in August. Round Two applications are processed in time/date order. So applying as soon as possible is important.

Q: I am the parent of twins. Do I need to submit separate applications for each twin?

A: No, twins and other multiples are processed together on one application. Please note that the confirmation emails and other communications may only reference the first child entered on the application.

Q: Who needs to apply for Choice?

A: The following should apply for Choice:

• Students wanting to attend a school other than their resident school

• Students who reside outside of the Thompson School District Boundary

• Students who previously attended a school outside of their school resident boundary have moved then want to return to the same school

• Students who would like to attend a program that is not at their boundary school.

Q: When and how will I know that my child is being offered enrollment?

A: Notifications will be emailed the middle of February via the email provided on the Choice Enrollment Family Dashboard. The email will give instructions to accept or decline the offered seat.

Q: What happens if I decline a 2nd or 3rd Choice offer?

A: Your student’s name remains on the waitlist for any higher school choice.

Q: What happens once I electronically accept my student’s seat?

A: The requested school will contact you to begin your students' enrollment process.

Q: My email or home address changed after I submitted the Choice application and I might not receive a notification letter. What can I do?

A: Once your application has been processed, we are unable to update your address, email, or phone number. Please make sure to use an email that you will have access to when the lottery results become available in February.

Q: How does my child receive “sibling priority”?

A: The sibling must already be attending the desired Choice school and continuing the next year. Parents must include sibling information on the Choice application and apply during the priority window.

Q: What are the age requirements for students entering kindergarten?

A: TSD enrolls students per Colorado Education Code requirements. Students must turn 5 no later than October 1, of the current school year to be enrolled into kindergarten.

Q: Will there be a school bus to the school we are applying for?

A: There is no transportation to Choice Enrollment schools. Parents must make their own transportation arrangements.