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New and Returning Student Registration

Applications will not be processed during school breaks: The school staff will contact families when they return.

Who needs to register?

  • Students who are attending school for the first time.*

  • Students new to the district (recently moved into the Thompson School District boundary or were previously attending a private school, a non-TSD charter school, or home-schooled).

  • Returning students: Students who were previously attending a TSD school, withdrew, and wish to return.

Who does not need to register?

  • Students currently attending a Thompson School District school. Enrollment automatically transfers from the current school year to the next, so families just need to complete the Annual Family Check-In.




If you are the parent/guardian of a student new to the district and enrolling for the very first time in TSD, you may enroll your child in your neighborhood school. To identify your neighborhood school, please click on the link below:

How do I register?

Thompson School District registration is completed online. If you need access to a computer, please call 970.613.6877 or email to make an appointment.

Additional resources that may be helpful in assessing your registration questions:

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