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Athletics-Only Registration

Athletics and Activities Instructions and Contact Information


Students who attend schools outside of the Thompson School District or Online Programs who want to participate in sports need to register as  "Athletics-Only." 

Current TSD students do not need to fill out an Athletics Only application: Please instead go to the Big Teams website to find the school whose team you would like to join, and fill out an application there.

Homeschooled Athletes

Homeschooled athletes must complete the Notification of Intent to Homeschool form and the Athletics-Only registration application. For more information, contact the district at (970) 613-5087 or email

Complete the Athletics-Only registration application upon approval of the requested school athletic staff

  • Read these instructions carefully
  • Complete the application on a Lap/Desk/Tablet computer and allow the PopUp Windows in the computer's internet browser
  • Choose the appropriate school year
    The current school year is 2023-24
  • Follow prompts to complete and submit the application. Select MS or HS Athletics where the application requests the athlete's grade level
  • Select the Submit button at the end of the application and you will receive confirmation from the Centralized Registration Office
  • Follow up with the requested school's athletics department

Begin Online Registration