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Thompson Education Foundation

Exploring science in the classroom and in natural areas.
Carrying a brand-new backpack into school for the first time.
Writing with a feather quill while learning about local history.
Receiving scholarships to help with postsecondary school choices.
Playing on newly repaired district instruments.

Thompson School District students experience all these and more each year thanks to Thompson Education Foundation (TEF). Established in 1989, TEF is a privately funded nonprofit organization led by a board of community members whose strong leadership guides the foundation forward as a support for the district. Even in the midst of the global pandemic and the challenges our schools faced, TEF maintained its mission to offer exceptional educational experiences for students and educators in TSD.

Here are some of the ways TEF creates opportunities for students and staff:

  • Field trips for 2nd and 4th grade students to deepen and enhance curriculum taught in the classroom.
  • The Help Kids Succeed school supply program provides 1,700 economically vulnerable TSD students with a supply-filled backpack, giving them tools for success in the classroom.
  • Support to help over 800 students annually identified as unhoused in TSD to overcome barriers that keep them out of school.
  • Classroom grants for teachers to implement innovative learning experiences for students – over a quarter million dollars in classroom grant support since 1999!
  • Financial support to enhance music and art programs in each TSD school.
  • Each year, TEF awards over a quarter million dollars to scholarship recipients for help with postsecondary education costs.
  • TSD educators and staff are celebrated at our Educator Appreciation event where the Educators of the Year are announced.
  • New in 2020, the Dr. Stan Scheer Memorial Student Opportunity Fund helps individual students embrace academic, leadership, recognition and extracurricular opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible because of financial need.

Thompson Education Foundation is proud to be Thompson School District’s partner to elevate students and their success. TEF is the community’s best answer to support student and educator opportunities in Thompson School District. To find out more about TEF or to make a gift, you can find TEF online at

Kim Akeley-Charron
Executive Director