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Although Colorado public schools are not mandated to provide transportation services for regular education students, the Thompson School District Board of Education elects to provide services to eligible riders. Please reference the Transportation department website or contact the Transportation department at 970-613-5185 for further information on eligibility for transportation services.

Contact the district’s Safety and Security department at 970-613-5010 for specific information on safe routes to school.

Exceptional Student Services Routes

Exceptional Student Services (ESS) routes have specialized schedules based on the programs and students they serve. If your child has been assigned to an ESS route, you must notify Transportation of any changes in contact phone numbers. Parents must contact Transportation to get approval for any changes in pick up/drop off information. We ask that you contact Transportation at 970-613-5185 prior to student absences or if your child will not require transportation for the day to avoid unnecessary stops. Parents will receive detailed route information when their child has been assigned to an ESS route. 

Bus Stops

Board policy calls for bus routes to be arterialized, meaning buses will not travel into every subdivision or down every street. Bus stops will typically be located on main roads in an effort to reduce route miles and route times throughout the district. Parent/Guardians are responsible for how their student(s) travel to/from their assigned bus stops and their student’s behavior at the bus stop locations.

Bus Schedules

Please contact the Transportation Routing department at 970-613-5196 with any questions prior to your child riding the bus.

Things to Consider

Students should be at their assigned bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive and are asked to wait up to five minutes after the scheduled departure time. Delays can be caused by weather or other uncontrollable factors. Please contact Transportation at 970-613-5185 if you have questions about possible issues or delays.

Students are prohibited from bringing skateboards, scooters, rollerblades or other large/bulky items with them to the bus, including medium/large size band instruments and athletic equipment. Any item considered to be too large may be refused due to safety and capacity issues. The district cannot assume liability for lost or damaged items.

For the safety and security of students and staff, audio/video cameras may be used on district vehicles transporting students to and from school or extracurricular activities.

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