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How to Pay for Athletic Fees

Start by logging in to Campus Parent.

Forgot your username and/or password? Click Forgot Password on the login screen or Email for more assistance.

Step 1

Navigation menu with an arrow pointing to 'School Store'

To register for any sport in High School or Middle School, select School Store from the left hand menu.

Step 2

Screenshot of a school logo with an arrow pointing to the Shop button underneath

Next, look for your student’s current school and select Shop.

Step 3

Screenshot of a sports icon with an arrow pointing to a View button underneath.

Next, you will see the Sport that you want to register for, select View.

Step 4

Screenshot of a dropdown selection allowing the user to select a student

Then, you will navigate to the recipient list. This list will show all your students and which students are eligible for registration. Select an eligible student from the recipient list.

Step 5

Screenshot of a link to Athletic Registration form

There is an optional form reminding you to complete all of the forms on the Big Teams site.

Step 6

Blue button with %22Add to Cart%22 in white

Next, select Add to Cart. Repeat this process for each student you are registering for a sport.

Step 7

Screenshot showing one item in the user's cart

When all students have been added to the cart, select My Cart.

Step 8

Screenshot with arrows pointing to an 'Add Payment Method' button and an email address field.

Select Add Payment Method.

Step 9

Screenshot of a credit card payment information form with Apply and Close buttons at the bottom.

Complete the information for the credit card, then click Apply. All fields are required.

Step 10

Screenshot with arrows pointing to an 'Add Payment Method' button and an email address field.

Complete the email address where you would like the receipt to be sent.

Step 11

Blue button with %22Submit Payment%22 in white

Finally, your cart will display which students you are registering. If your list looks correct select Submit Payment.

Step 12

Screenshot of a payment confirmation dialog with an arrow pointing to the Yes button

A pop-up screen will appear stating “Do you want to submit this payment of $xxx.00?”. Select Yes to complete registration.