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Brain Energizers

Brain Energizers

Healthy kids have higher attendance rates, higher test scores, and behave better in class. Integration of physical activity during the school day is a no-brainer when it comes to getting the brain fired up (and to promote healthy habits for students).

Movement and activity is fun! Remember to keep breaks and energizers light and easy, with the flexibility for students to engage at the level they feel comfortable with.


Adventure to Fitness(youtube videos)

Brain Breaks for Socially Distanced or Remote Learning

BOKS- all 100% FREE (FAQ)

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go Noodle

Jammin Minute

K-5 Toolkit from Red Hawk Elementary

Wheel of Fitness (spin the wheel and do the activity that pops up!)


BOKS (MS Curriculum available) (FAQ)

Take a Break Teacher Toolbox

Secondary Level Brain Breaks

50 Brain Breaks to Engage Students in the Classroom (for MS and HS students!)

More ideas!


Jump Skip Counting: Have students count by twos, fives, tens etc. while jumping with each count. You could also practice spelling words this way.

Bean bag Skip Counting: Have students pair up and throw a bean bag to each other with each count. 

Brain-Based and Focused Attention Practices

Quick energizers with Professional Sport Athletes

MLS Brad Evans

WNBA Jewell Loyd

NBA Jarron and Jason Collins

LA Galaxy Ema Boateng

Refocusing Activities:

Optical Illusions sites (or google "optical illusion images", be sure to screen before sharing with students)

Brain Den

8 Tricky Photos

Puzzlers World


PureEdge (Brain Breaks, Mindful Movement curriculum: grades K-2, 3-5, 6-12)

How Regular Movement Makes You Smarter: Dr. John Ratey