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Family Engagement in School Wellness

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 How Can Parents and Families Engage in Health and Wellness?

  • Join your school's wellness team and/or help to promote more health & wellness offerings at your school
  • Step up as the PTO/PTA liaison for the health and wellness team
  • Encourage your schools to include "healthy homework" and family wellness ideas in newsletters for families to do together: go on a family mindfulness hike, cook a family home-cooked meal one time/week, ask what your student did in PE/recess this week and play the game at home, sample fruit/veg that starts with letter of the week, etc.
  • Encourage and brainstorm new ways to promote healthy reward choices in lieu of non-food rewards at your school
  • Visit at lunch and help promote the salad bar and "cheer on" healthy choices
  • Assist with before/after school wellness programs or play games with kids at recess
  • Help to organize a Family Fitness Night
  Other Family Fitness Night Tips and Ideas


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