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District Committees

District Advisory and Accountability Committee (DAAC)

Board Member: Dawn Kirk

Cabinet Member: Melissa Schneider

Committee submits recommendations for the district unified improvement plan (DUIP) and monitors progress, reviews any charter applications prior to going to the school board, makes recommendations to the school board to consider for budget purposes as well as support family engagement in district committees and in their schools. Membership must consist of at least 3 parents, 1 teacher and 1 school administrator.

Master Plan Committee (MPC)

Board Member: Stu Boyd

Cabinet Member: Todd Piccone

The Master Plan Committee shall study current facility use, expected enrollment trends and the effects of changing educational practices on facility needs. Annually it shall report its findings to the Board, including analysis of options and recommended strategies for addressing district facility utilization and building needs in an economic manner. Its recommendations should be consistent with Board policy and goals and aim at minimizing undesirable effects on the quality of the district educational program.

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Board Member: Amy Doran

The purpose of the Special Education Advisory Committee is to strengthen partnerships between district leadership and families of students with disabilities. This group acts as an advisory body to the Director of Special Education regarding the process of providing educational outcomes to students with disabilities throughout the school district. Please note that the Special Education Advisory Committee work is not guided by statute as other school accountability groups such as District Advisory and Accountability Committee or School Advisory Committees.