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District Advisory and Accountability Committee



The District Advisory & Accountability Committee offers parents, students, other residents and staff of the district the opportunity to become involved with the improvement of the educational system.

We are thrilled to be welcoming back Brian Herley as the DAAC Chair, and a warm welcome to Jessica Lambuth as the Co-Chair this year! We have a lot of good work to do and our planning sessions have already sparked some great conversation.

Updates for this year's DAAC Meetings:

- Times have changed: DAAC will be held from 6:00 - 7:30 pm this year. Slightly shorter meetings, with more time for families and community members to get things settled at home before coming to the meeting.

Locations TBD: We will begin with our first meeting in the Boardroom at Admin, but our following meetings will be at different district locations throughout our boundaries. We want to bring some closer to you, and give you the opportunity to learn more about our great schools.

- Meetings will still be Hybrid, to the best of our abilities: We will still have google links available for each meeting, but we know that using different locations means that there will be different technology supports at each site. We promise to do our best, but we may not always be able to offer the seamless format you are used to. 

Promoting In-Person Participation: While hybrid options will be available, we are hoping to encourage in-person work. We know that we build stronger connections when we are in the room together!

Meeting previews and summaries: We are hoping to offer a preview of each meeting's topics the Friday before the meeting. When you receive your usual meeting reminder, take a look and click through any links and docs that you want to spend time on before coming on the following Tuesday. This will be posted the same day on the DAAC webpage, so that anyone checking out the meeting can prepare as well. Then, following our meeting, any decisions, ideas and additional considerations that we take away will also be added to the website so that anyone who missed the meeting can easily see what the main themes were. Hopefully this will help with the requests for info ahead of time and make it simpler for participants who join part way through or miss a meeting.

Overall, we are looking forward to the work and the collaboration at DAAC! Thank you so much for partnering with us! Remember, DAAC is open to staff, families, and community members. Feel free to bring a friend or someone who is interested in the work we do. All meetings are open.

Kristy Richards


Coordinadora de participación de la familia y la comunidad

Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

Thompson School District

970-613-6871 (office)

970-305-5941 (cell - text)

Centro para Familias

Family Center at Stansberry

(970) 613-6808

We gratefully acknowledge the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute), and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (Sioux) land on whose ancestral homelands we gather, as well as the diverse and vibrant Indigenous communities who make their home here today.

Summary of August Meeting:

At this month's District Advisory and Accountability Committee, (DAAC) meeting we spent some serious time getting to know one another. We were thrilled to welcome in-person some of our members who had only attended online in the past. We hope to build our in-person attendance this year while also maintaining some additional accessibility by offering online options as well.

- Brian Herley, our DAAC Chair and a district parent, welcomed us and conducted the usual opening business

We welcomed Jesse Tijerina, the new Director of State and Federal Programs. He led the connection activities and spoke to some of the equity and representation elements of our DAAC team.

- Kristy Richards, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, ran through the DAAC checklist from CDE, our list of voting members, voting member requirements, and our proposed timeline for the upcoming year.

-  Dr. Melissa Schneider, Chief Academic Officer, helped connect our work to both Strive 2025 and the recommendations made by the DAAC at the end of the last school year. She helped answer questions regarding the scope of the work and how the DAAC can monitor district progress on the recommendations.

- We were also joined by two of our Board of Education Members, Barb Kruse and Nancy Rumfelt

Our next meeting will be September 26th at a location to be determined. Please keep your eye out for notification of our next meeting location. The calendar invite will be updated, and you will receive an email notification as well.

* There were no voting items at this meeting

** There are no follow-up actions or survey items from this meeting

Preview of Upcoming Meeting:

Our first combined SAC / DAAC meeting of the year! We invite all SAC Chairs and Representatives to join us for an overview of new student assessment data as well as a run-through of the Performance Framework at the district level so that SACs can use their site-level framework to inform their own work. We will also finalize our list of voting members for the year, so consider if you'd like to add your name to the list!

All of the data that will be presented is included in these slides from our presentation for the  evening. If you would like to review them ahead of time and get familiar with the charts, please do so. If you are interested in any additional, deeper data, you can see it all at For those of you who are not yet familiar with our DAAC Recommendations to the Board of Education from the end of last school year, you may also review those ahead of time.

We are super excited to see you all there and to spend some time sharing and discussing the implications of this new information for our students, families, staff, and community. Remember, DAAC meetings are open to all, including community members. No previous DAAC experience needed. Feel free to bring a friend!

Colorado Department of Education District Accountability Handbook August, 2021  


2023-24 DAAC Meeting Schedule, Agendas, and Minutes

Date &

Topics (subject to change)








August 22, 2023

DAAC/SAC Responsibilities Overview
Recommendations to the BOE from Last Year



In-person (Boardroom)

TSD Admin Building

Virtual via Google Meet








 September 26, 2023

(Combined SAC/DAAC Meeting) 
State Assessment Results
District Unified Improvement Plan



In-person (Cottonwood)

TSD Admin Building

Virtual via Google Meet





October 24, 2023

Attendance Data
FSCP Policy and Practices Update
Community and Family Culture/Climate Survey





November 28, 2023

(5th Tuesday,  due to Thanksgiving)
Local Assessment Results (iReady)






December 12, 2023

(2nd Tuesday, due to Winter Break)
District Unified Improvement Plan 
Review and Monitoring




January 23, 2024

2022 Graduation Data
2022 Culture and Climate Survey Data



February 27, 2024

(Combined SAC/DAAC Meeting)
Identify District Priorities for Annual
Recommendations to the Board of Education
Middle of Year Local Assessment Results (iReady)




March 26, 2024

Develop Annual Recommendations the BoE



April  23, 2024

Federal Programs Update and Engagement
DAAC Chair and Co-Chair Elections







 ALL MEETINGS FROM 6:00 - 7:30 pm 



2023-24 DAAC Meeting Timeline and Topics (coming soon)


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