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Archive of DAAC Summaries

2023 08 August 

At this month's District Advisory and Accountability Committee, (DAAC) meeting we spent some serious time getting to know one another. We were thrilled to welcome in-person some of our members who had only attended online in the past. We hope to build our in-person attendance this year while also maintaining some accessibility by offering online options as well.

- Brian Herley, our DAAC Chair and a district parent, welcomed us and conducted the usual opening business.

- We welcomed Jesse Tijerina, the new Director of State and Federal Programs. He led the connection activities and spoke to some of the equity and representation elements of our DAAC team.

-Kristy Richards, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, ran through the DAAC checklist from CDE, our list of voting members, voting member requirements, and our proposed timeline for the upcoming year.

- Dr. Melissa Schneider, Chief Academic Officer, helped connect our work to both Strive 2025 and the recommendations made by the DAAC at the end of the last school year. She helped answer questions regarding the scope of the work and how the DAAC can monitor district progress on the recommendations.

- We were also joined by two of our Board of Education Members, Barb Kruse and Nancy Rumfelt. 

* There were no voting items at this meeting

** There are no follow-up actions or survey items from this meeting


Kristy Richards


Coordinadora de participación de la familia y la comunidad

Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

(970) 613-6808



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