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DAAC Recommendations to the Board of Education


Student Learning and Engagement

● The DAAC celebrates notable growth in literacy for K-5 TSD students, and recognizes the efforts of all TSD educators and leaders in the comprehensive training and implementation of strategies in the Science of Reading.

● We appreciate efforts to increase student engagement at the high school level, and prioritize student attendance across TSD through:

○ Improvements to attendance data collection procedures;

○ Increased understanding of attendance patterns;

○ Replicating the role of the Title 1 positive attendance specialist at schools across the district;

○ Supports such as the Freshman Academy, Jumpstart for middle school, and Kickstart for kindergarten;

○ Addressing barriers to attendance for identified students; and,

○ Ongoing Social Emotional Learning supports for staff and students.

● We celebrate the strong growth in mathematics achievement among Middle School  students and recognize the implementation of Big Ideas math curriculum as a contributing factor to this growth.

●The DAAC recognizes TSD’s focused and effective efforts to ensure career pathways are available at all high schools and through the Thompson Career Campus.

●We celebrate the steady and significant increase in TSD’s on-time graduation rates across all student groups. Notably, on-time graduation rates for students with disabilities and highly mobile students made significant strides over several years. We commend the district’s commitment to increasing graduation rates and using equitable interventions and strategies matched to student need.

Family, School and Community Partnerships 

●We recognize TSD’s commitment to improving engagement among families who represent diverse populations, and working to identify flexible and differentiated ways for families and the community to be involved.

○ Increased communication and promotion of TSD services for families;

○ Opportunities  and resources offered through the TSD Family Center; and,

○ TSD’s partnerships throughout the community.

○  Increased access and communication with the Board of Education through structured listening sessions and community forums.

Staff Recruitment and Retention

● The DAAC would like to acknowledge the effort and resources that TSD   has focused on recruitment and retention of quality staff members including hiring, increasing pay for all staff, and tracking staff retention rates. We recognize this as a key component of student, staff, and district success.



Student Learning and Engagement

●To prioritize student engagement, increase student achievement, and address chronic absenteeism PK-12, the DAAC recommends consistent communication  and attendance/engagement practices across schools, with academic and social-emotional interventions and staffing matched to student and school needs.

● Commit to a targeted focus on K-8 student achievement in math and literacy, including staffing, training, Reading and Math Corps, and differentiated interventions matched to student needs.

● The DAAC recommends a continued focus on K-3 student achievement in literacy, including the adoption of high quality, evidence-based materials, differentiated staff training, and interventions matched to student needs.

Family, School andCommunity Partnerships

●  Continue to deepen programming that increases communication and promotion of TSD services offered to families, including improvements to the TSD website and increasing school-based opportunities for family engagement/communication.

● Plan and implement improvements across the district designed to build relationships, improve communication and proactively engage families who represent diverse backgrounds through:

○ Increased access to interpretation and translation services; and,

○ Improvements to community forums that will ensure two-way  communication.

Staff Recruitment and Retention

● Prioritize staff support for classroom instruction, intervention, and social-emotional supports to ensure equitable and effective staffing at all levels and at highly impacted school sites.