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Master Plan Committee

High school students collaborate on tabletop activity with topographic map

The Master Plan Committee, established in 1995, is an advisory committee to the Board of Education. The committee includes a cross section of community members, a TSD high school student, and staff representation by elementary, middle, and high school teachers and administrators. A majority of the committee are community members. A community member always chairs the committee. The primary mission of the committee is to update the district’s long- range facilities Master Plan and annually report recommendations regarding future facility needs to the Board.

The committee’s recommendations fall into four categories: 1) utilization of existing schools and need for new schools, 2) capital maintenance, 3) modernization, and 4) school security. Cost estimates and priorities are developed by the committee and included in the Master Plan.

Recommendations regarding utilization of existing schools or new schools are based on current school populations, population trends, and projected growth/growth areas within the district. Options considered by the committee include closing of schools, remodeling, consolidation, and new schools. All of these options have been included in the Master Plan and implemented by the district within the last few years.

There are currently 36 buildings within the district ranging in age from new (High Plains, Riverview PK-8) to more than 100 years old (Big Thompson, Bill Reed). Capital maintenance of older buildings requires large investments to replace worn-out heating, electrical, lighting, or other equipment that does not meet current safety standards or building codes. Most older schools need modernization to meet present day standards adopted by the Board for classrooms, furnishings, technology, special needs students, and for other enhancements.

School security ensures the safety of students and staff. Security measures include access control, providing secure greeting areas for visitors, and classroom notification/lockdown systems. Many of the older schools have been upgraded, but others are still in need of upgrades.

The cost of implementing these needs greatly exceeds the annual district budget. Committee recommendations have been used (and will continue to be used) to identify proposals for voter-approved bond issues to implement the Master Plan. The committee assesses facility needs and priorities to ensure that taxpayer funds are spent wisely and effectively to provide quality education for our children.

On behalf of the Master Plan Committee,

Chris Wright

Tom Pitts
Vice Chair


We thank all of our MPC members for their commitment to helping the Thompson School District.