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Garfield Elementary School

Front of Garfield Elementary School

Garfield Elementary School is a LISA (Loveland Area Integrated School of the Arts) School. Garfield’s arts integration focus is infused in and impacts all aspects of the learning experience at Garfield. Students will experience learning that is engaging, about the whole child and, as our missions promises, Garfield students explore, express and excel.

Garfield is:

  • A neighborhood school in the heart of old town Loveland.
  • A K-5 school with two rounds at each grade level.
  • Home to an average of about 260 students (avg. class size of 20).
  • Enriching with annual before and after-school arts academy classes, choir and 5th grade band.
  • Able to offer breakfast in the classroom to all students free of charge.

The Garfield family includes 28 master level teachers who take ownership of, and become part of, your family in raising and teaching your child. Our school values your family, your involvement, communication and support. We would be pleased to meet you and take you for a tour of our beautiful school.

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Kathy Sather

K - 5


Red, White, and Black


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