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Ponderosa Elementary School

Front of Ponderosa Elementary School

Our Mission

To foster globally competent students who investigate the world, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas and take action by:

  • Thinking critically and creatively
  • Using technology intuitively
  • Caring for self and others
  • Exhibiting leadership through collaboration
  • Having a social sense of responsibility

A hands-on understanding of the world is the foundation of Global Competence. Students demonstrate Global Competence through awareness and curiosity about how the world works, which includes teaching them to interact with, care for, and contribute in positive ways to the world around them. We help students develop their higher-order thinking skills and apply these skills effectively as they work to solve issues and problems of both local and global significance. Teaching towards Global Competency is threaded throughout everything we do!

Student Support Services

We are committed to supporting the whole child by providing social-emotional, academic and physical instruction, support, intervention and enrichment based on individual as well as universal needs. We utilize Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBiS) systems of support to reinforce positive student behaviors. In addition, our counselor, teachers and staff reinforce and teach students bullying prevention, persistence, resilience, kindness and global awareness strategies.

Family and Community Involvement

We have strong family support through volunteerism, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and School Accountability Committee (SAC). We also enjoy ongoing community partnerships with Rotary, Faith Church, KidsPak and UC Health. We are always seeking to partner with organizations to foster global learning and community service.

Before and After School Care

Provided by YMCA to enhance the lives and care of our children.

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