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Berthoud High School

Front of Berthoud High School

Berthoud High School’s mission statement is “Our Business is Kids.” Every adult on our staff strives to develop supportive and meaningful relationships with students in order to ensure every Spartan experiences both academic and personal success while with us.

BHS offers over 150 different courses. These courses are designed for students to follow their interests and their career path. Students may also enroll in independent work study or take college classes for dual credit. Pre-Advanced Placement or Advanced Placement classes are offered in six of our departments. Not only are these classes more rigorous, but content is enriched. We also offer several Concurrent Enrollment courses in which students can receive college credit as well as high school credit. BHS also offers access to 11 sports and 25 clubs and activities, promising students a variety of experiences and opportunities.

BHS is also proud to offer a rigorous STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program and diploma. Since 2010, our STEM program has been equipping Thompson School District students to be future leaders in these fields, offering AP/college-level courses in all four STEM areas as well as an internship and senior project in an area of the student’s passion.

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