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Harold Ferguson High School

Front of Harold Ferguson High School

Harold Ferguson High School is a school of choice and designated an Alternative Education Campus (AEC) by the Colorado Department of Education. This designation means 90% or more of our students fall into at least one of the at-risk categories identified by Colorado Statute (SB 09-163). Our mission is creating alternative experiences because each learner deserves different, not less. To this end, we offer all of the courses required for graduation and have three amazing elective strands (business, music and art).

At Harold Ferguson High School, our class sizes are smaller (<25 students per class) than those at traditional high schools and our instructional framework affords students the opportunity to hone communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity skills needed for success in today’s workplace.

Student engagement and success drives everything we do at Harold Ferguson High School. As a staff, we believe that academic performance (passing classes and being on a pathway to graduation), attendance (attending school every day), and behavior (treating others better than we want to be treated) are critical to student success in high school and beyond.

To be considered for admission to Harold Ferguson High School, students must be in 9th-12th grade, in pursuit of their high school diploma, able to identify barriers to their academic success, and be motivated to create the type of change needed to realize school success in a relationship-based environment with high levels of support.

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Jason Germain

9 - 12




Year Built
1966 (Hilltop)
2020 (15th St)