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Mountain View High School

Front of Mountain View High School

Mountain View High School is a comprehensive high school with a focus on personalization of learning and integration of the arts and technology. Our school mission is Learning - Anytime, Anywhere. Preparing students for success in college, careers and community life, our center-based physical structure is a symbol of our drive to make connections and to build relationships among students and staff as a foundation for personalized learning.

We use a Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBiS) focus on PRIDE - be Present, show Respect, get Involved, honor Diversity, and give Effort. Providing a multitude of opportunities for students to be well-rounded, strong programs exist in the following areas at MVHS:

  • Loveland Area Integrated School of the Arts (LISA) magnet programming and specialized diploma, including visual and performing arts such as photography, painting, drawing, metals, band, choir, orchestra and theatre
  • Specialized learning opportunities and dedicated counseling services for Gifted and Talented students
  • Concurrent Enrollment, Honors, Pre-AP and AP coursework with 17 Advanced Placement courses currently available
  • Individual Career and Academic Planning (ICAP) focus
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in ProStart (culinary arts), business and marketing work experience, family and consumer sciences, technology, art, and pre-engineering
  • Special Olympics and unified sports for students in Special Education
  • Extracurricular athletic programming in 19 sports
  • Freshmen Seminar and Academy programs for all incoming freshmen
  • Student interest-based clubs and activities
  • Community based opportunities to lead, including requirements for service to others through local organizations
  • World language programming in both Spanish and French
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