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Thompson Valley High School

Back entrance of Thompson Valley High School

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

At Thompson Valley High School, our vision is to provide a profoundly inclusive and diverse learning environment that meets students where they are and empowers them to achieve their personal and academic goals, allowing them to support their life aspirations.

Thompson Valley High School offers a variety of programs and offerings to meet the needs of each student to achieve the competencies embedded in the Portrait of a TSD Graduate. TVHS hosts one of the district’s Agricultural Programs, Fine Arts, Geometry in Construction, Performing Arts and more!

Advanced Placement

TVHS is honored to offer more opportunities for students to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses than any other school in the district. These are college-level courses taught at TVHS and students can earn college credit and/or advanced placement in college-level courses.


The Pre-AP program at TVHS delivers grade-level appropriate instruction through focused course frameworks, instructional resources, learning checkpoints and collaborative educator workshops. It offers every student access to a high-quality education that prepares them for success in high school and beyond.


AVID is a college readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college. It emphasizes critical thinking, teamwork, organization, reading and writing skills. At TVHS, teachers integrate AVID strategies daily throughout their instruction.

Concurrent Enrollment

TVHS offers a wide variety of classes through partnerships with Aims Community College and Front Range Community College that allow students to earn credit for both high school and college.

Freshman Academy

Freshman Academy at TVHS serves students through numerous academic and extracurricular course offerings, all of which prepare them for the transition into high school. To increase engagement and success, students are grouped into small learning communities with peers who have similar schedules and teachers.

Thompson Valley High School Established 1976 Once an Eagle Always an Eagle

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