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Bill Reed Middle School

First day of school at Bill Reed Middle School

Bill Reed Middle School offers students a unique opportunity to learn with and through the arts. We are a LISA (Loveland Area Integrated School of the Arts) school and our mission is to provide students opportunities to engage in their academics through an arts lens. Using an arts focus in content areas deepens understanding and sets the foundation for students to become successful and contributing members in a global economy.

In addition to providing a robust curriculum, Bill Reed Middle School partners with our community to provide students with authentic learning opportunities that connect to real-life challenges in a personal way.

To help foster an inclusive environment, students are given the opportunity to participate in a myriad of AAA (After-School Arts Academy) classes each quarter. These classes have ranged from Poetry Slams, Fly-Tying, Coding their own computer games, recycled art and photography, to cartooning, to name but a few. The purpose of these classes is to extend arts opportunities for students with specific and special interests. These classes provide an alternative to the fantastic sports program we have at Bill Reed. It is not uncommon to have students in a fall sport followed by an AAA class in the winter. These diverse opportunities help to develop well-rounded individuals and provide ways for all students to connect with each other and their community beyond the classroom walls.

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