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Turner Middle School

Front of Turner Middle School

Turner Middle School is a 6th-8th grade neighborhood school in Berthoud. Our school strives to provide an environment that is both academically challenging and supportive of social-emotional needs of all students. We focus on instructional practices and interactions that promote self-advocacy, engagement and academic growth. Our staff continues to be committed to understanding ways to provide a positive and safe learning environment for each of our students and their various needs.

We are a STEAM school that offers unique learning opportunities for our students both in their PRO class (advisory) and in their STEAM classes (student choice) in addition to having two elective courses. Our staff is united in the belief that each student can learn, regardless of their previous educational obstacles, and grow at high levels from year to year while at Turner Middle School.

Turner is a UTA school which means there is a Chromebook for each one of our students. In addition, we have two innovation labs, Health and Medical Zone and Fluidworks, where all students and teachers can participate in hands-on learning and experiments.

Turner Middle School Dragons strive to be a PRO each and every day. PRO represents Perseverance, Respect and Ownership, and these three words are at both the root and heart of everything we do. We are a Sources of Strength school and believe in working with students each day to build preventative and proactive practices in their lives so when difficulty, peer pressure or true trauma arises, they have the personal tools to handle the situation successfully.

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